OvrC’s still changing the industry.

OvrC Pro offers full visibility of connected devices, an industry-first mobile app for consumers, and premium network transparency so you can tackle common network issues quickly and discreetly, without rolling a truck.

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Instant Access - Without Rolling a Truck!

OvrC (pronounced oversee) is your virtual on-call technician, equipping you to provide great service in minutes, no matter where you are. No more pointless truck rolls! Save valuable time and money with OvrC's powerful features. You’ll feel like you could take on the world. Your customers will think you're a hero!

What Exactly Does OvrC Do?

OvrC uses the Internet to contact and control your customer's equipment, directly from your mobile device or computer. Whether you're twelve feet up a ladder or relaxing on the beach, OvrC lets you:

OvrC Enabled Products

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Intuitive User Experience

Easy to Use

No manuals required. Our interface is straightforward and easy to navigate so you don’t waste time with guessing games.

Service Features

Remote Management

Receive alerts and troubleshoot common issues before your customer even realizes there's a problem.

Service Features

Product Compatibility

OvrC currently supports a variety of products: surveillance, power, and networking. Our OvrC ecosystem continues to grow.

Service Features

Plug-and-Play Setup

Getting started is easy. Just install your device, claim it in the app, and you're ready - no additional hardware needed!

Clients love it. They call with an issue, and we can remotely reboot the system from anywhere in minutes.

-- Mosey L., New York

Browser Compatibility

OvrC supports the latest versions of these browsers:

Internet Explorer Chrome Firefox Safari

Smartphone Apps

Compatible with iOS 7+ and Android OS 4.4+

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